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benefitsChoice, Savings and Exceptional Service

If your company has 2 to 2000 employees, you and your Human Resources department will find true value in working with Lake Norman Benefits, Inc. We handle everything from set up to administering your group health insurance plan, all while realizing real savings for your business.

A Wide Choice of Group Health Insurance Plans Means Savings for You

As a licensed broker, Lake Norman Benefits, Inc represents nearly all employee benefit plan providers, and we are licensed to represent their full range of products and services. As your agent, we can shop and negotiate with the very best carriers to arrange the best and most economical fit for your company needs.

Exceptional Service with Every Group Insurance Plan

From installing your group benefits plan to administering it, we answer any and all employee questions for you. You and your employees will no longer need to contact the insurance company for anything.



Saving you time, money and grief.  Complimentary services come with all of our group health insurance plans, and always include the following:

  • Installing the employee benefits plan: Our staff will explain the plan’s benefits and its details to your employees. We will assure them that we will be always available to answer their questions and provide support whenever needed.
  • Claim problems: We encourage all your employees to contact us FIRST with problems or questions related to claims. Simply fax us the explanation of benefits or Physicians receipt. We will take it from there! We are experts in dealing with insurance companies, doctors and providers and will contact them on your behalf to work out problems.
  • Employee additions and terminations: You will never have to send applications to your insurance company again. All employee applications and requests to terminate employees are handled through our office. All applications are faxed to us. We coordinate with each carrier and follow-up until the employee is either added or terminated.
  • COBRA and State Continuation: We have up-to-date information to help guide you through your COBRA management or, if your company is less than 20 employees, State Continuation.
  • Yearly plan reviews and market analysis: Upon receipt of the renewal notification, we will immediately begin During your renewal meetings, we will discuss various alternatives to keep the costs in-line with your expectations.
  • On-line access Benefit Summary: On this website, any of your employees can view a complete list of all the benefits provided by your group health insurance plan, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. We customize your company’s various benefits onto one central location that will be updated as benefits or carriers change. Login to group health insurance plans is on the Client Services page.
*All the services above are provided at no additional charge.