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Flexible Coverage Options. Better Personal Care.

Now Group Medical is available to your 1099 Employees!!!

A note about other sites you may encounter: Many websites that you come across when searching to compare the products and services we offer, are only for information gathering or lead selling. Be assured, we are a local company with licensed professionals who will meet with you to customize a plan that meets your needs and budget. Our company is who will be responsible for all your employee benefits needs.

benefitsPlan Designs

With the full plan options of nearly every carrier in the region, we offer the most comprehensive packages and pricing options available. We will analyze your current package and show you how to increase the benefits in the areas your employees will appreciate most while reducing total operating costs.


Our comprehensive list of services ensures the utmost in employee satisfaction and minimum employer administration and cost. Our services, listed below, have been proven to enhance the overall satisfaction with the plan, which in turn helps to attract and retain key employees, help reduce the need to switch carriers every year, reduce the overall cost to the employer and reduce any disruption not addressing those issues could bring.

  • Employee Maintenance – Including all additions and terminations. Our relationships with most carriers allows us to enroll new employees INSTANTLY and email or fax temporary ID cards for immediate use.
  • Plan Administration – We will be the one source of contact for you and your employees. Instead of calling a carrier, you will be calling a person, who will be able to assist with all plans and coverage in effect. This personalized attention will turn the dread you currently feel every time you have to call your healthcare provider into a pleasant experience.
  • Compliance Guidance – Offering employee benefit plans also requires compliance with certain state and federal laws. While all decisions should include the advice of counsel, our industry expertise and experience will help limit your liabilities.
  • Claims Resolution – If you or your employees ever encounter any difficulties in receiving a benefit you feel your plan entitles you to, you know calling the carrier involve long hold times, never speaking with the right person or the same person twice, and much aggravation, if it ever gets resolved. Call us and we will help resolve the claim on your behalf! (A HIPAA Authorization is required. Please log in, download and complete the form, and fax it back to us).
  • Ongoing Plan Analysis and Renewal Comparison – Unfortunately, rising costs and a reduction in benefits in commonplace each year on your plan renewal. We feel it our responsibility to have thorough market knowledge to ensure that you clearly understand any plan and cost changes and present you with alternatives to help offset those changes. We will assemble a thorough comparison on every plan renewal and at any other time it is requested.
  • COBRA and State Continuation Administration – Companies with fewer than 20 employees are required to offer former employees who had coverage the option to continue, at the former employees cost, according to state guideline. For companies with 20 employees or more, similar regulations exist that fall under federal jurisdiction. We will assist in notifying your former employees in a compliant manner and handle payment tracking of any employees covered under COBRA/State Continuation.
  • Access to Information – We will set up a customized employee benefits web portal where you, your employees, and their dependents (such as their spouses and children) can log in and check all their benefits in one place. Now they can view medical, dental and retirement plan info and access affiliated providers and forms all in one location.


All you pay is the plan premium. We charge absolutely no consulting, management or administrative fees, ever. While we do receive a commission from the carrier, it is, in most cases, built into the premium, even if you go direct to the carrier (not all carriers sell direct). So, you are probably paying for these service now, the question is, are you getting this level of service?

These Services Immediately

If you are happy with your current benefit offerings, but feel you are not receiving this level of service, you can get all of our services immediately at absolutely no cost. Your plans, costs and benefits will not change. Call or email us and ask us for a broker of record authorization letter. Simply signing that letter will give us the necessary authorization with the carriers to provide these services to you.

As with every line of coverage we implement, we represent many different carriers to assist us in providing this coverage.  Our experience has shown that no one carrier is the perfect solution for everyone. Comparing plans from the top providers in the market place ensures that we get you the best coverage for the lowest cost.Please email or call us or request a quote.