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Group Life Insurance from Lake Norman Benefits

benefitsBasic Term Life

Group term life insurance provides a scheduled benefit amount or multiple of pay to an employee’s beneficiary in the event of the employee’s death. You will appreciate the generous maximums and non-medical issue amounts available with many products.

Will Preparation

Many plans offer to help insureds protect their assets and secure their families’ financial future; Will Preparation offers insureds and their spouses access to participating plan attorneys, and fully covers the legal fees associated with preparing or updating a will, when using a participating attorney

Optional Term Life

Employee-pay-all (voluntary) protection that offers employees additional amounts of group life with portability (portability feature subject to state availability).

Dependent Term Life

A voluntary enhancement to life plans that offers employees the opportunity to purchase group term life insurance for their spouses and/or dependent children at group rates.


Plan provision which allows employees to continue their coverage when employment ends due to voluntary termination, retirement, or dismissal; or when they are no longer classified as an eligible class for benefits.

Accelerated Benefits Option (ABO)

To help ease the financial burden that often accompanies a serious illness, ABO allows terminally-ill insureds (employees and spouses) with a life expectancy of six months or less to receive an advanced pay-out of a percentage of their group life insurance face amount of coverage. Available to covered individuals with a minimum $10,000 of coverage, insureds may accelerate a portion of the face amount up to 50% of their insurance to a maximum of $250,000.

Waiver of Premium

Allows covered employees to receive death benefit coverage after life insurance coverage ends, if they become totally disabled and are not at work due to such disability. “Continued Protection” waives premium for the disabled employee after a specified waiting period.

Total Control Account® (TCA)

The Total Control Account is available as a claim settlement option under all MetLife Life Insurance coverages. The TCA helps protect the financial security of beneficiaries and offers immediate access to and control of their insurance proceeds via check-writing privileges. The money in the TCA, plus the interest earned, is fully guaranteed by MetLife/

Group life insurance policies contain certain exclusions, limitations, and reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact us for costs and complete details.

As with every line of coverage we implement, we represent many different carriers to assist us in providing this coverage.  Our experience has shown that no one carrier is the perfect solution for everyone.  Comparing plans from the top providers in the market place ensures that we get you the best coverage for the lowest cost.  Please email or call us or request a quote.