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Overhead Protection From Lake Norman Benefits

If you weren’t there to keep your company running, could your company keep up with the bills? The Business Overhead Insurance Plan is designed to cover the costs of doing business when an illness or injury prevents you from working. Without this type of coverage, you could be forced to cut staff, delay your mortgage payment or close down altogether. You won’t need to make these decisions when you protect your company with Business Overhead Insurance.

Benefits of an Overhead Protection Plan

  • Pays rent or mortgage
  • Pays employment salaries
  • Pays malpractice and business insurance premiums
  • Covers equipment rental or leases
  • Pays telephone, utility costs
  • and more


The cost of doing business won’t go away if you’re unable to work. Protect your company from possible financial trouble by insuring yourself with the Business Overhead Insurance Plan.

As with every line of coverage we implement, we represent many different carriers to assist us in providing this coverage.  Our experience has shown that no one carrier is the perfect solution for everyone.  Comparing plans from the top providers in the market place ensures that we get you the best coverage for the lowest cost.  Please email or call us or request a quote.